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An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum

Course Overview

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On average this
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With 1 in 100 children on the total autism spectrum, it is important that anyone who comes into contact with children and may encounter someone on the autism spectrum has an understanding of the condition.

As a result, this e-learning module aims to provide learners with a basic awareness of the autism spectrum and help to dispel many of the myths associated with the condition.

On completion, learners will have an increased awareness of the main characteristics of behaviour which children on the autism spectrum can commonly display, as well as an understanding of the strategies available to support these.

On completion of this course learners will:

  • Recognise the main characteristics of behaviour for people on the autism spectrum
  • Understand the triad of impairment
  • Understand the range of the spectrum
  • Appreciate the particular differences of understanding language with people on the autism spectrum
  • Understand the need to backup spoken language visually to help understanding
  • Appreciate the importance of routine and predictability for people on the autism spectrum
  • Understand the complexity of social interaction
  • Appreciate the sensory differences of people on the autism spectrum

Course Details

Lesson Plan

Areas covered include:

  • Welcome and Learning Objectives
  • Introduction
  • The Triad of Impairment and Autism Spectrum
  • Support Strategies for the Three Areas of the Triad
  • Sensory Issues and the Autism Spectrum Summary

Target Audience

This module is targeted at anyone who comes into contact with children and who may encounter someone on the autism spectrum.


With approximately 60 interactive screens, it is estimated that this module will take approximately 1 2 hours to complete (depending on learning speed). As an e-learning module you can complete this training in convenient stages. The system will record your progress throughout.


On completion of this course you will be able to print a Virtual College certificate.

CPD Accreditation

The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

What our customers have said

I liked that it gave me more knowledge on the subject than I had before in an easy way
13/02/2017 FW
It is very easy to follow and you have the option to review the lessons if there is something particularly you need to read again in order to understand.
28/01/2017 CP
I really liked how easy it was to navigate through the website and especially enjoyed how much information was on the course.
10/05/2016 AS
I appreciated that you couldn't move onto the next page until you exhausted all the possible things you had to do on the page you were on. I would prefer all my courses, where possible, which I have to complete to be online as it is a more flexible way of completing the courses. No travel problems and time restraints.
19/03/2016 SC
Examples on the different problems facing people with autism especially the example of the noise and what they hear.
15/02/2016 KS
Really well presented, simple style but not condescending. Visual images linked extremely well with the verbal and written information.
02/02/2016 DT
like how it is broken down into manageable chunks and progress can be saved as you go. Easy to see whereabouts in the course you are. I have a son who is on the Autistic Spectrum and this course has taught me ways to help him that I had not previously thought of. As well as helping my awareness in my workplace.
18/01/2016 SM
I liked that it was broken down into sections. I liked that you could stop at any point and return to the point you left at. The information was very accessible and I liked that examples were given to illustrate the point.
25/10/2015 NM
I really enjoyed this course and found it very interesting. I think we need more education for when we deal with Autistic children/people as this has shown me how confusing and hard it can be for them and if we have the appropriate training we can help to ease that for them
25/09/2015 SR
I liked that I could work through it at my own pace, and could do so over a few weeks.
09/09/2015 TM
It was very user friendly and easy to navigate. As this was my first E-learning experience I didn't know what to expect but it couldn't have been easier to navigate through the modules and questions
01/09/2015 MW

Cost and Discounts

£30 + VAT - This cost is for a single user.

Discounts are available for multiple users (10 or more) for more information please contact, or telephone UKVC Sales on 01943 885089.

How it Works

The information below is specific to this particular course. If you would like a more general guide to how our purchasing and learning works please visit the Four Easy Steps page which should tell you all you need to know.

Alternatively; if you have a specific question or concern why not contact us directly ?


This is an online course, all the training will be taken through your browser window. There will be no face-to-face sessions with instructors nor will you receive any training material through the post. If you wish you may print out any page of the training material, and may also print the notes you took during the training.

You can also revisit the training material at any time, even after you have completed the course.


The material for this course has been broken down into several smaller lessons, each lesson dealing with a specific area of the overall subject.

The lesson consist of a series of pages in which an instructor will talk you through the lesson material at a pace that suits you. Pages may also include supporting pictures, graphs, animation or extra sounds to help with the learning where appropriate. Some lessons will include challenges/quizzes to help you keep in touch and interested in the material.

Lessons can be taken in any order and each lesson may be PAUSED and RESUMED at any stage. When all lessons in the course have been completed our system will realise and automatically record that you have successfully completed the course


This course is delivered fully online allowing you to learn at your own pace, however an average duration would be 1-2 hours.

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