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Course Content

Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering (including City and Guilds Accredited Certificate)

Course Overview

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EU Regulation 852/2004 Hygiene for Foodstuffs requires Food Businesses to make sure that any staff who handles food are supervised, instructed and trained in Food Hygiene in a way that is appropriate to the work they do.

This module is a self-study course (formerly known as Foundation or Basic Food Hygiene) and maps to the Industry Standards set by People 1st, the Sector Skills Council for the Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism industries. This course is aimed at anyone working in catering or hospitality whether employed or self employed, working in restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, takeaways, cafes, bars, kitchens, catering in hospitals, schools and colleges. It allows every catering business, regardless of size, to provide all staff with first class training at a fraction of the cost and disruption of classroom based training.

This course is accredited by City & Guilds

  • Virtual College are a City and Guilds Accredited centre.
  • City and Guilds have accredited our Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene certificates
  • Our price includes a City and Guilds Accredited Certificate.
  • City and Guilds approved quality assurance of our online delivery processes and learner support systems.
  • Quality City & Guilds Accredited Certificate carrying authorisation seal.

Upon completion of this online training material learners will sit an online test and on successful completion, will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene meeting the legal training required, which must then be applied to work situations.

The training and test usually take between 2 to 3 hours to complete (depending on learning speed), which is equivalent to 6 hours face-to-face group training. Learners are required to achieve a 75% pass mark, and, if necessary, may attempt the test 3 times at no extra cost, having revisited the training material. If learners have not achieved the 75% pass mark, further attempts may be given by contacting Learner Support. For posted certificates, if completed successfully Monday-Friday before 12:00 midnight, certificate will be posted the next day. Weekend completers will have their certificates posted on Monday.

Produced by Virtual College in association with Food Safety experts "Food Dialog" a registered Training Centre with the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) we have made every effort to make the training friendly, understandable and as down to earth as possible.

On completion of this course learners should understand:

  • Why food hygiene and safety is important
  • Their personal and legal responsibilities
  • The impact of food borne illness
  • How food becomes contaminated
  • How to prevent contamination through good hygiene practices
  • How to control contamination through safe temperatures and storage
  • How to control food safety hazards at critical control points using a HACCP based Food Safety Management System

Course Details

Lesson Plan

Upon completion of this module learners will have an understanding of a wide range of key food safety issues, including the three main types of food safety hazard, their sources and methods of control. Learners will know the correct temperatures needed for storage and food handling activities from delivery through to sale, and be aware of common food pests and how to control them, along with the principles of cleaning and disinfection and how these apply to the workplace.

The sections covered include:

  • Learning Objectives and an introduction to Food Safety and Hygiene - Food Safety and Hygiene are terms commonly used, here we will look at how they relate to food that has been prepared and served.
  • Impact of Food-Borne Illness - looking at what food-bourne illnesses are and how they affect us.
  • Understanding Food Law - food often has a long journey from growing, harvesting, delivery, preparation through to being eaten. As a result there are many opportunities for it to become contaminated. In this section we look at legislation in place that relates to food hygiene and safety.
  • Food Safety Hazards and Contamination - exploring food safety hazards and how they arise and consider how they can be prevented and controlled.
  • Food Preservation, Storage and Temperature Control - how to preserve food, including appropriate storage and temperature controls.
  • Personal Hygiene - this section looks at why personal hygiene is so important when working with food - from hand washing to legal requirements.
  • Hygienic Premises and Equipment - this section looks at good housekeeping and the part premises and equipment design play in maintaining clean, pest-free conditions.
  • Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) - it is a requirement of regulations that all businesses implement and maintain a documented Food Safety Management system based on HACCP. This section looks at what this involves.

Anyone handling food and drink within the catering sector must be trained in Food Safety and Hygiene and apply it to their work. This module is aimed at anyone working in a catering or hospitality environment, whether employed or self employed, who handles food and drink as part of their everyday or occasional working routines. Typically this would include people working in hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, kitchens, fast food outlets, catering in hospitals, schools and colleges.

Target Audience

This food safety and hygiene module is aimed at anyone working in a role that involves contact with food, or the management of such people; regulations require that anyone involved in food handling must be appropriately trained in food safety. The module can be used either as Induction, Awareness, Refresher and Foundation Training.


It is estimated that this module will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete (depending on learning speed). As an e-learning module you can complete this training in convenient stages. The system will record your progress throughout.


When you have successfully completed your course and attained the 75% required test pass, you will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Certificate. Our Certificates are of extremely high quality and carry an authorisation seal. The certificate should be displayed to show appropriate training has taken place.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

What our customers have said

I loved the presentation of the information as it was easy to understand and very clear.
16/12/2016 SA
I have learnt so much from this course and was able to identify areas where I need to correct how I handle food even in my own personal kitchen.
06/12/2016 MA
I liked that it is quite rigorous with detailed content, and being continuously tested and challenged to help me understand and remember the importance of food safety.
12/11/2016 SD
It's incredible how much care has been taken to explain each module in detail. It just makes it so easy to Understand. Great Job. Thank you.
10/10/2016 AF
Being able to go back and revisit slides is a big plus. The practice questions are tough in places encouraging us to make sure we understand and retain the information given.
07/10/2016 JR
I really enjoyed doing this course. The graphics were good, nicely interactive and well put together. The speech was clear and a good speed. Nice mixture of types of quiz and fill the word etc. to test learning.
05/09/2016 LH
I liked the bite-sized information on each page, made it easier to digest the information. System was easy to navigate.
02/09/2016 CA
I thought it was brilliant. I enjoyed the visual way it was explained and the interactivity of the challenge sections.
03/08/2016 CM
Excellent that I could stop start and complete the modules when I had opportunity and not to have to complete in one session. Good explanations and enjoyable quizzes/challenges
11/07/2016 AT
The module was very interactive and visual which encouraged my learning and enjoyment while doing so. The voice over was also very effective as I felt like I was literally being taught by someone rather than just learning something alone.
05/07/2016 LJ
It was very well put together and funny in parts which made the course enjoyable. I would definitely recommend and would be happy to do another course. Thank you, it was very helpful.
02/07/2016 RW
It was very thorough and I learnt a vast amount of information for business and personal use
02/07/2016 SM
Able to complete the training without time constraints, so was able to fit it in to my very busy schedule. Everything is in one place on one page - you always return to your last page. Very simple and concise.
21/06/2016 AN
After working with food with over ten years, i find using the type of courses you offer, beneficial to all those who work or want to work in this industry.As you provide the information and course work at a level that everyone can understand. Thank you.
16/06/2016 SW
The whole course from start to finish was very well organised. I particularly liked the fact I could pause at anytime and turn off the volume
12/04/2016 AL
I liked the interactive nature of the course and the humour where appropriate, It was factual and concise. Very helpful and will be very useful to me in my work.
08/04/2016 JB
It was simple to use and the illustrations made the content more interesting helping to hold concentration.
04/04/2016 LD
The course was simple and easy to use, and made learning easy and enjoyable.
01/04/2016 HF
I cannot praise this system enough, I found everything about this experience most enjoyable and very satisfying! Thank you all and I am returning for more courses soon.
27/03/2016 TT
The course is easy to navigate, presented in an interesting way
02/11/2015 LH div>
I could study in my own time at my own pace and take notes to help remember information
02/11/2015 JM
It was very thorough and informative compared to other food safety courses I have taken with previous employers
23/10/2015 HC
Very easy to use. Great to be able to do it in chunks rather than all in one go. Great teaching that was easy to follow. I like the way it was set out with words and pictures - very visual
22/10/2015 SH
Clear written information. Simple to follow. Loved the use of challenges at the end of each section.
22/10/2015 HB
Easy to navigate and the summaries and challenges are good practice for the final test
20/10/2015 RH
That it addresses every aspect of the training making specific areas more visible than others to stress the importance of memorising the areas. Also that it test you as you go so you yourself can know of your progress. And the ability to go back on previous areas to re-evaluate and overlook certain sections
25/08/2015 AJ
I found it an enjoyable and quite interesting way of learning. I particularly liked the fact that it was split into modules so it didn't have to be completed in one go and I also liked the sample questions at the end of each section
25/08/2015 BF
Easy to access with good explanation and ability to check back if excellent course
21/08/2015 PA

Cost and Discounts

£25.00 (plus VAT)

This cost is for a single user and includes the Food Hygiene certificate on successful test pass, for more information please contact, or telephone us on 01943 885089.

How it Works

The information below is specific to this particular course. If you would like a more general guide to how our purchasing and learning works please visit the Four Easy Steps page which should tell you all you need to know.

Alternatively; if you have a specific question or concerns why not contact us directly?


This is an online course, all the training will be taken through your Internet connection. There will be no face-to-face sessions with instructors nor will you receive any training material through the post. If you wish you may print out any page of the training material, and may also print the notes you took during the training.

You can also revisit the training material at any time, even after you have completed the course.


The material for this course has been broken down into several smaller lessons, each lesson dealing with a specific area of the overall subject.

The lessons consist of a series of pages in which an instructor will talk you through the lesson material at a pace that suits you. Pages may also include supporting pictures, graphs, animation or extra sounds to help with the learning where appropriate. Some lessons will include challenges/quizzes to help you keep in touch and interested in the material.

Lessons can be taken in any order and each lesson may be PAUSED and RESUMED at any stage. When all lessons in the course have been completed and the test passed, our system will automatically record that you have successfully completed the course.


This course is Accredited by City & Guilds. When you have successfully completed your course and attained the 75% required test pass, you will receive a City & Guilds Accredited Certificate. Our Certificates are of extremely high quality and carry an authorisation seal. The certificate should be displayed to show appropriate training has taken place.

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